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Haband Company Reviews

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  • Fake Interest and Late Fees

    Bought bras at Haban and returned them immediately. Was told I needed to pay 9.99 return fee. I sent in a check for 9.99 marked balance paid in full. The check was cashed. Then I receive my 1ST STATEMENT a month later that says I have a previous balance of 41.98 minus my 9.99 return fee, plus a 19.98 late fee. Have receive 1 more statement, this one with 14.99 late fee. Customer service just keeps saying Sorry about the inconvenience, however you still had to pay for the bras the first month even if you returned them immediately and the 9.99 fee was due on 5/2/17. How are you supposed to... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Overcharged

    My father bought some bras for mother and they didn't fit. He returned them immediately. He was told he had to pay 9.99 free to return He sent in a check marked balance paid in full. The next month he received a bill for 51.97. He now owes 66.96. Customer service just says they are sorry for inconvenience, however they still charge for merchandise immediately and don't credit until the next month, evidently the 9.99 was due immediately. We never received a statement until the one said previous balance 41.98. They said they know, that's how they bill. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ChloeT's Picture   ChloeT    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sport Coat Tan Twill XL

    This is Gloria Rossi. I was charged $9.99 for return shipping of an article that I returned which was defective, the return shipping was supposed to be free of charge. The article was :1 Sport Coat Tan Twil Size XL Please credit my VIP credit card for $9.99. Notify me when my VIP credit card has been credited for the $9.99. If I do not receive satisfaction, you will have left me with no alternative but to contact the Better Business Bureau in Trenton, N.J. And to cease doing business with Haband. Cc: Duke Haband, CEO Haband Company 112 Bauer Lane Oakland, N.J. 07436 Thank You, Gloria... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Poor Customer Service

    Terrible customer service experience with Haband. Sent me an item I never ordered and when I called to let them know that I didn't receive the item I had ordered, even though it was correctly listed on my packing slip, they told me I had to return the item I never ordered (with no guarantee I would be reimbursed for the return shipping cost) before they would ship the item I actually ordered! Poor customer service. I then told them I no longer wanted to wait for this item and to cancel it, they said they would only do that once they received the item back that I never ordered! And they... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Slan's Picture   Slan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Habands cheap walking shoes made in China and sold by an anmerican company

    I bought two pairs of allegedly quality shoes from Haband. I ordered mine in tan and blue. I paid for them at the time of order yet my order was delayed because of what they called a large success and back order. Okay...I waited an extra 45 days to get the products. They arrived and they fit. I began wearing them. The insoles or padding on the inside always comes out when I removed the shoes. I lived with it until one day I noticed the sole on the left foot had a tear all the way across it from big toe to small toe. I called them and sent them back. They asked me what I wanted and I said a... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Habandsux's Picture   Habandsux    2 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    Everyday Privileges Gold. Owes my $179.00 over a fraudulent series of charges: Check List Complaint completeness. You have 2 items to complete. Complaint Submitted Submit Proof Shared Complaint This company gathered my credit information without my approval from Miles Kimball Co, a usually reputable co I do business with over the years. I discovered this when my credit card was compromised and was not aware of the monthly deduction as the transaction was listed "like a store transaction". I remembered being asked about said program by Miles Kimball and I strongly refused... More...
  • Haband Perks

    A continuation of complaints I have seen posted. I ordered clothing from Haband Perks and was automatically submitted without my concurrence into Haband Perks. I actually sent them a "deny request" message at that time. I also wrote them a message saying this was an unethical practice. Well, low and behold, 30 days later I am being charged a monthly fee. This business practice obviously needs to be addressed. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Non-Receipt of merchandise

    It has been well over 30 days. I would like to know whatever happened to this order. It has not arrived as of yet. I requested information about this order on 1/9/12, but never got a reply. Sincerely, Richard N. Sherrer Dear Friend Thanks for placing your order at the Haband web site. You can check the status of your shipment at any time starting about 24-36 hours after you place your order by returning to www.haband.com and selecting "Order Status." We will also send you an e-mail when we ship any part of your order so check your mail regularly!... More...
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  • FRAUD!!!!!!!!

    I ordered something from Haband in Nov. and returned it - very bad quality. My credit card was reimbursed. HOWEVER, since then, I have continuously received charges on my credit card from them. Their call center is in India and no one understands me nor I them. FRAUD, FRAUD and MORE FRAUD! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM HABAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Diogenes1147's Picture   Diogenes1147    0 Comments   Comments
  • Item not received!

    Dorothy Lala placed order # 5454821 on 5/6/11. The order was never received! We called the customer service center and were told that the order shipped (FedExSmart Post) and was at the post office. They could not confirm package delivered. They could not help us! We went online with FedEx and found FedEx tracking #9102188907059383651605. It showed May 13, 2011 - San Antonio, TX / In Transit.... We went the post office and they explained that the record shows in transit, but not delivery to the post office. They did not have the package! We called again to customer service center... More...
    CWM1's Picture   CWM1    1 Comments   Comments
  • orders red flagged

    I have been ordering from haband company since 2009. In 2010 I ordered 2 pair of tennis shoes and paid by mastercard. I only received one pair. After complaining for wevereal months to their customer service department which appears to be totaly computerized, I finally received the other pair. Since then, every time I order something the order is put into an " open catagory " and shows to be pending. I have three orders in that catagory since mid 2010. It appears that since I complained about only getting one pair of shoes they are flagging all my orders. It is not because they... More...
    gizmo3585's Picture   gizmo3585    0 Comments   Comments
  • Habanna

    Fusion Rewards Hotline Advertising co (888)221-1164 for everyday Priviliges, Shoppers' advantages, & US weekly? I am not able to get my $3.00 back from this company. They are the company who took my information and charged my account. And just think, if they got $3.00 from the USA's population, they will be rich! This needs to be stopped. I wrote earlier today August 30th, and that email had more information. please contact my email address. More...
  • Fusion Rewards Hotline

    August 25th, I accidently called(888) 221-1164. Marketing Companies. I got rourked into giving $3.00 for 3 programs. Phone number is not available until about 4:00 central time. Today. August 30th, 2010, I canceled 2 out of the 3. (1)Everyday Priviliges (877)630-1295 Acct number 14524478, and (2) Shoppers' Advantage(800)526-4848, Acct number 14525865. I did get confirmation numbers. (3)US weekly (800)283-3956, said too busy call back. I will call August 31st. So, I was able to get an address for both companies, to try to get back my $3.00 back. Everyday... More...
    terrisliberty's Picture   terrisliberty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Replacement of watch..

    I ordered an atomic wristwatch and received it 6/30/10. It did not work, I took it to a jeweler & he installed a new battery, still it did not work, so I mailed it back to the warehouse on that day. Confirmation states they received it 7/2/2010 @ 4:44 PM in Eatonton, GA. I have not heard anything from them since, today is 7/9/10. Who can I contact to find out if they will replace the watch? Thank you. More...
    leroyws's Picture   leroyws    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Slacks

    I have four (4) pair of slacks I purchased from you in the last 6 months, and am very disappointed in h0w they are wearing; they dont release the wrinkles and the creases are almost non existent. Two (2) of the pair are black and Grey; Style 090, RN 84890. VN 74798, 100% Polyester, Size 40/28 and both made in Bangledesh. the other two (2) pair are Lite Blue and Navy, Style O1V, RN84890, VN 71423, 100% Polyester, Size 40 Short. The Lite Blue was made in Mongolia; the Navy was made in China. I have always had good wear out of previous slacks I have purchased from you, but these are... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    allerner's Picture   allerner    0 Comments   Comments
  • Watch out

    After making the mistake of ordering a TV remote control from Haband, I found it to be a piece of junk! I returned it for a refund, which was eventually credited back to my Mastercard. They refunded the price of the item only, and not the postage costs either way. The postage costs were more than the item itself. A few weeks later, I received a check in the mail for $8.25. Thinking it to be a refund for the postage, I ALMOST cashed it without reading the fine print!!! It turned out that I would have been enrolled in some BOGUS discount plan that would have cost me $159.99 per year and... More...
    dclawson's Picture   dclawson    6 Comments   Comments
  • A bogus charge on my card

    I submitted an order and received the merchandise, but noticed another separate charge on my bill from Haband. It was an unauthorized charge, which I know nothing about. I tried to call, their phone message say 'too many calls, try later'. Thats a joke too, so I tried emailing them. Someone in their company is adding charges to peoples cards and this must be STOPPED! They must find out who is doing it and fire them right away before Haband's reputation is further ruined. My family has bought a lot of things from them, but now we just dont dare give them our credit card number. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • SCAM

    Stop sending your $8.25 checks I do not want anything to do with your fraud. I receive this scam check every month and I call the small print number to get off the list (what list?) every month it's a new number and new affiliate company. I ordered one small product in spring 09 from an ad in AARP so I trusted your company, what an idiot I will never, never order from Haband again, plus I'm telling all seniors about your scam and I'm dropping AARP membership More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    bobe656's Picture   bobe656    1 Comments   Comments
  • i have been the victim of...

    i have been the victim of comsumer fraud by Haband, a huge mail order business in New Jersey and I am writing this in the hope someone will be helped by my experience which i have learned from all the negative comments I have read on the Internet regarding Haband, tthat my situation was not unique. After three months of bitching to the morons who comprise their various "service" departments, I sent a certified return request letter to Duke Haband, President and CEO, Haband Company, Inc. 112 Bauer Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436 with a copy to the Better Business Bureau in Trenton, NJ... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    SusanCross's Picture   SusanCross    38 Comments   Comments

Haband Company Reviews By Product

Haband Company Comments

Jadick says: (5 years ago)
Everything about this company is sh-t. All looks so good in a catalog they send and when you receive it, ( if you do) is of such bad quality I threw it all away. I spent $92 on 2 pair of jeans and 2 pair of leisure pants and zipper on jeans so sharp it can circumsize a man and length was long not medium as ordered. Please do not order from this company and do yourself a big favor, go nude. They should be put out of business by the government or we can do that with legitimate complaints like I see here.

794043jd says: (6 years ago)
Please remove us from your mailing list. If I want something I will order it. Also take my credit card number off.

dotson says: (6 years ago)
I bought a sheet set fell apart in the washer.Very cheep.Not happy at all.And now they are charging my credit card 14.95 and i did not order a thing and i will never order from them again.Johndotson

ELEANOR says: (7 years ago)

CESSIE says: (8 years ago)


Elmer1 says: (8 years ago)
I sent an order on June 25 and have not yet received the merchandise. Please check the
status of my order and let me know.
My phone number is 408-779-7832 and
my e-mail number is Szepj@charter.net

Elmer1 says: (8 years ago)
I sent an order on June 25 and have not yet received the material. Please investigate and
let me know the status of my order. My phone number is 408-779-7832 and my e-mail is

MTLEAR says: (8 years ago)
I ordered a pair of white canvas shoes. They were defective and looked like they had been worn. Sent them back for replacement. I dont think I should have to pay postage when it was their fault.
M.Lear-Cincinnati, O.

badshoes says: (8 years ago)
haband's shoe guarantee was useless. I had to return a defectiuve pair of shoes to the importer Dr Scholls (Brown Shoes) for a refund. Brown was very nice but couldn't replce them. They sent a check.

jverzino says: (8 years ago)
IMMEDIATELY remove me from Haband Perks!!! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You were once an honest company. No more business from me!!

yourekidding says: (9 years ago)
Where is the FREE SHIPPING that you advertise. When you get to checkout every one has expired. WHAT A JOKE>

missc says: (9 years ago)
Recently I ordered and receiver a desk lamp. In fact I liked it so well I ordered another and received it just yeaterday. There is a problen with the socket that holds the bulb. Once we fonally got the bulb in, the on-off switch won't work.It is too expensive to return for such a minor problem, so could you make a suggestion as how we can solve this problem. I will return it if you like, if you will send me another. Please contact me by e'mail as listed here or you may call me, you have my number of record. Thank you for your prompt attention. And by the way, We are yet to be dissatified with anything that we have purchased with you over the years. Thought you might a bright spot for your day. Thank you again. C. Pinnick

missc says: (9 years ago)
Recently I ordered and receiver a desk lamp. In fact I liked it so well I ordered another and received it just yeaterday. There is a problem with the socket that holds the bulb. Once we finally got the bulb in, the on-off switch won't work.It is too expensive to return for such a minor problem, so could you make a suggestion as how we can solve this problem. I will return it if you like, if you will send me another. Please contact me by e-mail as listed here or you may call me, you have my number of record. Thank you for your prompt attention. And by the way, We are yet to be dissatified with anything that we have purchased with you over the years. Thought you might a bright spot for your day. Thank you again. C. Pinnick

mimiof2 says: (9 years ago)
I wanted to order from a magazine I received in the mail. I have seen this company ads quite a bit, and as i tried to make an order for Mens pants, I was told (By Adam)that the pants only go up to size 46. Always advertised up to 54 waist. Its a "waist" of people time when You don't have product on hand in the size you advertise. Stop advertising theses sizes then......

nataliehawley says: (9 years ago)
Remove my name from your mailing list

nataliehawley says: (9 years ago)
Please remove

nataliehawley says: (9 years ago)
it is a fraudulent thing the checks any one can cash them

nataliehawley says: (9 years ago)
Want haband to please remove my name from their mailing list. I get checks that I definitely do not use and need you to remove my credit card # from your system. thank you

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